Frequently asked questions

When will each raffle's results be drawn?

There's no specific date. When all slots are taken the system will randomly pick a winner.

How are the skins' values calculated?

We calculate the skins' market value based on the weekly average price in the Steam Marketplace.
We don't use real time price. Values are updated on a regular basis.

Do you make items' refunds?

Items will only be returned if your credits weren't added up and after your ticket submission, you didn't hear back from us in 24 hours.


How will I know if win a raffle?

You will find a notification banner on the homepage.

How do I get my prize?

Just click on the "Redeem Prize" button on the raffle page you won to receive a Steam trade offer with your prize.

How long do I have to redeem my prize?

You have two weeks to get your prize after the raffle was drawn.

I am trade banned. Can I receive my winnings on another account?

No. If the winner is trade banned the raffle will be redrawn.


How will I recognize your bots?

After you select the skins you want to trade in, you will see the bot's name and a security code in the bottom of the page.
DO NOT trade with a CS:GO Rage bot if the security code doesn't match.
We take no responsibility for scammers and impersonators making transactions under our name.
Our team will NEVER ask for skins on Steam chat.
The only two official admins are: u.u and Jo.


Why can't I take part on a free raffle?

Only users with the minimum CS:GO played hours on the raffle's button can partake free raffles.
If you recently raised your CS:GO play time, go to your profile page and click on the refresh icon next to "Refresh profile".

Nickname raffles

Only users with CSGORage.com in Steam nickname are allowed to participate.
If your number was drawn and you didn't have the website URL on your nickname, another number will be automatically drawn.
If you recently changed you Steam nickname, go to your profile page and click on the refresh icon next to "Refresh profile".


What is a rage flip?

Rage flip is our coin flip with a little more interaction.
A flip is a 1x1 game. To enter one, you can either create a new flip or join an existing one. You then pick a coin side to bet in (terrorist or counter-terrorist). While you wait for the results, you can click on your coin side to watch a 'coin flight' - that's only there for entertaining purposes and it won't affect your chances of winning.
If your side wins, you keep what you bet plus your opponents bet. Your chances of winning will always be 50%.
We take a 5% commition.


Why can't I see my inventory?

Either Steam servers are busy or your inventory is not public.

Why are some of my skins blocked and I can't trade them in?

Due to their price instability, some knives and souvenir skins won't always be tradable. However, depending on how many are sold in the previous month, we will accept them.

Why aren't all my inventory items showing?

One of the following reasons:
-We only accept skins worth $ 0.15 or more. Skins worth less won't show.
-Non-tradable items, such as operation medals, aren't visible on CS:GO Rage's inventory.
-Your item is 7-day trade-banned in your inventory.


If I win a CS:GO pin, will I get the physical pin?

No, only the virtual pin - we will send the code to be activated on your Steam/ CS:GO profile.

If I win a CS:GO pin code, how will it be sent?

After winning, you will see the code in the respective raffle page.